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Diagnose it Yourself – DIY – Bloaty
You are in a GP surgery. A 48 year old lady presents with a 12 month history of vague abdominal symptoms including bloating, increased amounts of flatus, intermittent loose stools, vague abdominal cramping pains.... MORE...
Diagnose it Yourself – DIY – Abdominal Pain
You are the Intern / Foundation Doctor / Junior doctory person on duty in the Accident & Emergency Department. Its the middle of the night. You are tired. The vending machine has run out... MORE...
Births, Deaths and Miscarriages
Wow. What a weekend. In fact, its just a Friday night. There’s the rest of it is still to come.   So, it started about 4pm. I was sleeping, having just done the second... MORE...
Three Tips for taking a Medical History
I don’t often write an article with ‘tips’ for a ‘skill’. Almostadoctor tends to be made up of concise lists of facts. Which is useful. But skills are more difficult to acquire. And not... MORE...
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