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Births, Deaths and Miscarriages

Wow. What a weekend. In fact, its just a Friday night. There’s the rest of it is still to come.
So, it started about 4pm. I was sleeping, having just done the second of my four night shifts in A+E. My phone rang. I didn’t hear it. I was asleep. It rang again. And then again. I wearily checked my answerphone. It was the surgical rota coordinator.  Oh, this isn’t going to be good. I’m an A+E doctor. And the surgical rota coordinator needs to speak to me urgently. Better give her a ring back...

Three Tips for taking a Medical History

I don’t often write an article with ‘tips’ for a ‘skill’. Almostadoctor tends to be made up of concise lists of facts. Which is useful. But skills are more difficult to acquire. And not usually easily attained through reading, but instead with practice! But, nevertheless, I will attempt to give you a brief glimpse into the art of history taking, seen through my eyes.