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Three Tips for taking a Medical History

I don’t often write an article with ‘tips’ for a ‘skill’. Almostadoctor tends to be made up of concise lists of facts. Which is useful. But skills are more difficult to acquire. And not usually easily attained through reading, but instead with practice! But, nevertheless, I will attempt to give you a brief glimpse into the art of history taking, seen through my eyes.

Originally written January 25th 2014

Whenever I tell people about my interests in medicine (child medicine and cancer) or about my placement in Sydney, I’m almost always met with the same response – “oh no, that’s so sad! I don’t know how you deal with it” or “gosh that’s depressing!”

Every time, I am left with the difficult task of explaining to them that, surprisingly, those statements are pretty far from the truth.

Originally written January 28th 2014

Last time I wrote, I had mentioned that Danielle and I were to be flying home to London (via Singapore) the next day. Never did I think I would be writing about the flight itself but it turned out to be quite an adventure. Here’s what happened…

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