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Births, Deaths and Miscarriages

Wow. What a weekend. In fact, its just a Friday night. There’s the rest of it is still to come.
So, it started about 4pm. I was sleeping, having just done the second of my four night shifts in A+E. My phone rang. I didn’t hear it. I was asleep. It rang again. And then again. I wearily checked my answerphone. It was the surgical rota coordinator.  Oh, this isn’t going to be good. I’m an A+E doctor. And the surgical rota coordinator needs to speak to me urgently. Better give her a ring back...

Give me morphine!

There are so many nuances to being a doctor. You can know the physiology. The Pathology. The typical presentations, the management, the treatment. You learn about how to elicit the historical details from the patient. And how to match these up to patterns of disease, to form a differential diagnosis. Then you narrow down your differentials, with investigations. Eventually you come to your diagnosis and you treat it. Along the way you probably had a conversation about the weather in Bristol, last night’s football results, and where you had your hair cut. You probably had to ask a nurse or another doctor for some help or advice. Somewhere along this process, which could have taken anywhere from 5 minutes to several days, you might have even got it wrong, and had to change your diagnosis or plan. And all the while, you had to be professional, courteous, charming and just generally a super-human.
But, what if the patient isn’t being honest? What if you don’t know their true motives? What if they are angry? Humans aren’t rational normal beings. Being a doctor involves trying to balance all these things at the same time, often with several of these scenarios playing out concurrently on a busy ward or in an emergency department.
And I’m still learning. And I still get it wrong. Sometimes, with nasty consequences.

A Quick Phonecall

I was on call. In the office. Typing up some notes on the computer. It was a busy day. I wasn’t quite paying attention.

The SHO from my usual team was on the phone in the office. I wasn’t working on the team today… as I was on call.
Anyway, she asked me if I could speak to someone on the phone. She is a very lovely SHO, and so, of course I did.

Life as an FY1 - Better Safe Than Sorry

Hello! I am a newly qualified FY1, and have been roped in to blog writing by the almostadoctor team… you can read the first of my exploits below!
I wrote this at the end of my second week as an FY1, but it’s taken me a couple of months to build up the courage to post it online.
Please also be aware that there is some strong language…
Nothing’s ever black and white…. and a lot of the time, the grey areas can make you feel like a complete idiot.
That’s what happened to me a couple of months ago…