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Diagnosis: Hilarious

I am currently on my GP placement in my FY2 year. It’s fun. I like GP. I like the patient interaction, independence and doing lots of diagnosing...
And of course, I like the entertainment. Here is a summary transcript of a consultation I had yesterday...


Live to be 100. Maybe?

So, as well as checking out my genetic make-up (sample has been received by lab... results still awaited - more info here) I am also trying other ways to ensure my continued good health.

I'm going running. Quite a lot. Well, not this week, because its cold and snowy. But otherwise, quite a lot. I've signed up for a half marathon. I've got an app that gives me a running program ('every other day' I'm supposed to go. Relentlessly. From now until May. I'm managing about 3x a week when its not snowing. Well, I managed 3x in one week for one week before the snow came two weeks ago.)

I use a Nike+ Fuelband (obviously being careful at work not to contravene infection control policy re: bare below the elbow - it has to live in my pocket most of the time...) for a bit of extra motivation.

And now, I've found a website to estimate my life expectancy! Are you excited? I am! So lets get started...


Sequence your Genome for $99 - My Story

I had some exciting news today. And being the popular guy that I am I just had to call someone to tell them about it…. my Dad….

Me: (very excited) “Dad, I’m going to have my DNA sequenced!”
Dad: Great! Maybe they will put it in the right order?”

Great Dad, thanks. Maybe if you’re so concerned about that you should have done it properly in the first place?

So, er... yeah, this is me, Tom Leach. I’ve decided to sequence my genome. And I’m going to share it with you here.

How Not to be a Doctor - The Top 5 ‘struck-off’ stories

The latest GMC report on the state of Medical Education and Practice was released today, and it has become apparent that complaints against doctors have risen by 23% since 2010.
Now I’m all for protecting doctors against unreasonable complaints and expectations, but here, we take a look at some of the most outrageous doctor behavior over the last decade…


Ever wondered what the inside of Barbie looked like? Me neither. But Jason Freeny has. So now we all know….

He’s done loads more too. Mr. Potato head, the balloon dog, hello kitty, and lots of other weird stuff. I don’t even know what most of it is.
And he’ll sell you posters, toys, sculptures and other merchandise with it all on.
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Tired of cadavers? Try Tissue Paper Instead!

I never liked anatomy class. I never really knew why some people liked to spend hours elbow deep in smelly crinkly old dead people.

In fact, my best memory of anatomy is when the anatomy demonstrator, during a particularly vigorous limb sawing exercise, ended up with a small piece of the poor deceased chaps muscle on her lower lip. We were all far to terrified of our demonstrator to let her know about the issue and all watched in horror / anticipation / fascination as repeated lip licks failed to come into contact with the foreign body, until finally she discovered what was causing that tickly feeling and swallowed the thing, still completely oblivious.

So yes. I learned that sawing too hard and simultaneously licking your lips might result in the unfortunate digestion of dead man's muscle. To my surprise, this knowledge has yet to be of use in my career.

Anyway, if you want to avoid my predicament, and actually learn some anatomical features, these beautiful hand made thingy-ma-jigs might help. Probably not. But maybe. And they're very pretty to look at.

Almostadoctor crashes due to high demand!

Firstly, sorry. Sorry we’ve been offline for a few days. It’s been literally driving me crazy. And we’ve been working around the clock to fix it.
Secondly, I’ll explain.
It’s that time of year: exam time. That means lots of you coming to almostadoctor all at once. And along with that, we’ve also got some new friends in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
So many new friends, it turns out, that on Monday night, we brought down the server, and with it, almostadoctor. And not just almostadoctor. According to our hosting provider we brought down hundreds of other websites too!

almostadoctor goes wiki! (ish)

Now any registered user can update and edit our articles!

Almostadoctor is basically run by one guy (me! – a junior doctor in Manchester) with a good bit of help from medical student Patrick Green, and lots of contributions from junior doctors and medical students around the world.
We’ve got so much great content, but there’s still loads of room for improvement, our references are basically dreadful, and, of course, it all needs maintaining and updating as medical science advances.
This has become such a huge project, that’s its getting too much for me to handle (and I would quite like to get some of my life back!)
So, were opening up our content to you guys – wikipedia style (almost). It’s like Wikipedia. But better. If you edit an article, you’ll be credited as an author. And before your changes are published, they’ll be reviewed by a doctor to ensure they are relevant and correct. This should mean we keep our content to a very high standard, we show our appreciation to authors by crediting them, and (hopefully) we avoid spam and vandalism.