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We want almostadoctor to be more than just free notes. We want it to be a place you come to hear funny stories about what other students have been up to, to get the latest info on the events happening in your area, and just maybe to read up on a topic for uni.

We are looking for students and junior doctors to write regular blogs about their antics. It would be great on your CV, can help you let off steam, and best of all, we’ll give you a free textbook!

Six Things you might not know about…

Six things about almostadoctor - not just free medical student revision notes - but blogs, profiles, flashcards, mindmaps and so much more!
You probably know about all the great free notes that almostadoctor has to offer, but here at almostadoctor HQ, we believe the site is much more than just free notes.
It’s now almost 18 months since the launch of, but since then, quite a few things have change.
Here’s a quick run through 6 things you might not know about…



Good luck!

Good luck to all Manchester Fifth years (like me!) starting finals tomorrow.


If you need a little bit of extra last minute encouragement, i thought you might want to take a look at this little guy...


Also, Good luck to all those studying around the UK and furthur afield....



Blogs for all!

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