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It’s been a reasonably successful year for the site, but, as many of you probably know, there are still loads of gaps in our notes that need filling.
We already have a few guest writers, but would love more of you to get involved, as the site’s getting too big to keep a hold of!.....

Medical TV dramas aren’t actually very realistic [shock!]

In a research project that we all wish we could get funding for, medical student Matthew J Czarny has ‘systematically analysedGrey’s anatomy and House in relation to their portrayal of bioethical and professionalism issues.

Surprise, surprise, he discovered (especially in House) that the shows weren’t always depicting best practice... 

This week's new articles

Good morning!

I thought long and hard about coming up with some incredibly witty and hilarious April fool's prank, but, I'm afraid I was incapable of doing so, and you'll just have to make do with another plain old news announcement.

So, as you all look forward to the Easter break, here’s a few more articles to help ease the pain of being away from your beloved medical school…

Forum open for business - with doctors!

Some pretty exciting news in the virtual lego-doctor world.
We have persuaded quite a few doctors to give up a couple of hours a week to answer questions in the forum. So, if you have a burning question that just can’t wait, want to ask some FY1’s about elective plans, or life on the wards, or just want to ask a fellow student about a recent placement, then you can ask in the forum.
At least one doctor should be answering questions each day, so you should be able to get quick replies, and several doctors are raring to get started this week!
A lot of these young docs are also keen on teaching sessions, so keep your eyes out in the forum for relevant sessions at your base hospital.