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New articles and World Domination

Good Morning!
Thanks to everybody who has joined the new facebook page, the old one has now closed
Keep your eyes open in the next week or so as we hope to unveil the next phase of the plan for world domination!
In the mean time, plenty of new articles in the last week or two…

Site updates and New Facebook page


First of all, apologies for the lack of new content recently. I have loads that needs to go on, and i will get round to it ASAP.

Recently we have made a few changes to the website, in preperation for some new content and features that are arriving soon. I can't say too much yet, but keep your eyes out for updates

I'm Back!


Its been a while I know, but I’m back from placement at DGH, and should have a bit more time to spend on the site...

Happy New Year!


Hope everybody had a good Christmas break, and good luck in the upcoming exams (particularly 5th years!).
Been a while since the blog entry, but...

Lots of Psychiatry

Finally got round to finishing off some psychiatry this weekend, enjoy!
Still a few bits missing (mainly the drugs article – but basic info on these is included with the relevant topics), should finish these off sometime during the week.