Author's Guidelines

 Guidelines for writing

-          The notes on are taken from textbooks, lectures, ward rounds, PBL, clinical teaching, pretty much anything you can think of!
-          When writing your notes, please try to stick to the following:
o   Be concise and accurate!
o   Writing notes isn’t very hard. Try to keep them in as much plain English as possible. Even try and be a little bit humerous if it takes your fancy. Many of the notes on are pretty detailed, but we don’t expect massive essays. Please try to use at least three sources for each of your topics, and whatever you do, don’t copy straight from the book.
§ Typical examples of sources used for articles: oxford clinical handbook, kumar & Clarke,, Davidson’s, scribbled notes from a ward round, BNF (please always check when writing about drugs), The Merck Manual – absolutely the best book I own – highly recommended! (also available for free online here ).
§ Wikipedia is not a source! – we don’t want to create just another wikipedia
o   Plagiarism is a serious issue – we are not here to reproduce paragraphs of text from books. And we don’t want to get sued.
o   If your notes exceed 4 sides of A4 (in MS word), please consider making a ‘summary’. This is typically 1-2 sides A4. If your notes are only this long anyway, great!
-          Use of images
o   If you want to use images in your document, you will need to ensure the image has free distribution rights, or is copyright free.
o   The best place to find such images is usually Wikipedia (click on the image and check its copyright info)
o   If you are comfortable drawing your own (even just on MS paint…. Lots of the existing pics are drawn this way), then feel free to create your own. You are free to retaincopyright of these images for yourself, and this can be specified on if you wish.
-          Font and colours
o   As you have probably noticed, we have a reasonably distinctive colour scheme on There aren’t really specific rules for when and where to uses colours / bold / italics, but it would be great to try and keep the site looking similar, so I have tried to summarise below….
§ Font : Calibri
§ Size: 11
§ Colours: There isn’t actually a specific pattern, but please use only black, blue, green and red. Try to use:
·         Red for very important, short sentences / phrases / words
·         Blue for slightly less important longer sentences
·         Black for the bulk of the text
·         Green- basically when there is a lot of red / blue, but you still think its more important than black!
§ Bold – used for extra emphasis and headings
§ Italics – for extra emphasis
§ Headings:
·         Major headings: Bold, size 14
·         Minor Headings: Bold, size 12
When you are finished, you can email us your notes, or upload them directly.
Your notes will be revieiwed, and we might make a few changes, or ask you to make some adjustments, before uploading your notes.
You will then get a nice shiny certificate for your porfolio, and your name will appear as the article's author.
If you have any questions at all, just get in touch, and I am more than happy to answer them: