Differential Diagnoses - The Differentialiser

Welcome to the almostadoctor differentialiser!

This is a great new interactive tool to quickly and easily compare differential diagnoses for some of the most common types of presentation.

Its not finished yet but there's no point keeping all this goodness all to ourselves!
So try out our Beta Version here! We'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve it.

Huge thank you to Emily Garrett, a 4th year student at UCL who wrote all the original content, and to Dr Tom Leach who acted as editor, and did the web-programming.

Select your presentation below:

  Shortness of breath
  Chest Pain
  RUQ pain / epigastric pain
  Loin pain / back pain
  General Abdominal Pain
  Pelvic Pain (coming soon)
  All Abdominal Differentials
  Falls (coming soon)
  Fever / PUO (coming soon)
  Tired all the Time
  Leg Swelling
  All Differentials (are you sure?!)
  Tips for History Taking