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Do you know what Bozzolo’s sign is? No I didn’t know either, but I do now thanks to this App. Don’t worry unless you go into cardiology or ENT I doubt you will need to know what this sign is (its pulsatile nasal mucosa in aortic regurgitation!), but it’s always nice to know.
This is another of my quick-reference favourites. The entire of third year I was bombarded by all these random signs with obscure names, and had no idea what the consultant was on about. Now I’ll still smile and nod, but know that the minute after I leave, I can have a sly check on this App and it should be there. This has become hugely useful, and if I’m out to really impress someone you can have a quick swot up on a subject the night before thanks to the speciality by speciality menu. You are also able to ‘favourite’ any Eponyms you think will be useful for future reference.
When you click on a name, you get a short, very succinct explanation, and by succinct I mean 10-25 words. This is great for quick reference, and whilst I am normally all about the explanations, smaller is better for quick reference. The only thing I would like would be some photos of some signs if possible, as some people (myself included) are visual learners, and may benefit from them a lot.
I was trying to think of any negatives to put, when I realized I have already put one. Bozzolo’s Sign...sorry Bozzolo, but do I really need to fill what precious space I have in my student brain with you? Looking through the list it is actually scary how many Eponyms there are, and you wonder if you really need to know them all? The answer is, probably not. There is a small danger of being overwhelmed with this App, however it is perfect if you use it as a quick-guide.
This App is great, and I recon I use it a couple of times a week at least. And I haven’t even mentioned it’s free...so what’s stopping you from downloading it and giving it a go?
Review by Paddy Green
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