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At last! A free App containing multiple choice questions. There are over 100 of them too, covering a large range of topics, including physiology, which acts as a great reminder! You can even form your own tests combining different specialities. Another nice feature is that some of the questions contain photos/diagrams, and you can zoom in to see them clearer. I’m obviously not the only one to think like this too, as it was downloaded over 2000 times in the first week alone!
                There are a few touches that spoil the app for me. The fact that the questions were written by several different authors is a good thing, however you can tell which author wrote which questions, as they have varying amounts of explanations to the answers. You also cannot shuffle through the questions, so have large blocks of questions on the same topic, which can get a bit repetitive. 
                Despite this, the app is free, and from the looks of it, and a look at their website they are planning to rapidly develop, but keeping it free. I think we can expect great things from this in the future!
Review by Paddy Green
--------------------------------------- – free medical student revision notes