It might be raining but it is still the summer!

Hi all!

Just like Tom, it's been rather busy here, not quite as busy as Tom I'm sure but I can't wait for a holiday, once I finish a wretched report. Last time I promised that I'd write about my applications to university. I probably started thinking about my personal statement this time six years ago. I was recommended BIll Bryson's 'A short history of nearly everything' for some inspiration, which give me it did. There are other books out there but for the record I never read New Scientist and probably will never do!

You might have all sorts of questions: shall I take a gap year? Do I really want to do Medicine? I want to do Medicine but I'm not sure if I have the grades? What are the best things to do to boost my CV and personal statement? 

These are all questions that either I or my friends had, if you have any yourself then ask your school, your friends, parents and see if you can find a doctor to ask! You can always ask me too! There's no stock answer for these questions but they are worth considering.

Recently, my tutor passed on a sixth form student to me for the day. I wasn't quite sure what to do with him: an audit is boring enough for the person doing it, let alone an observer. Thankfully he came armed with a host of questions about universities, uni life and different types of medical course. I gave my honest opinion and frankly admitted that I would probaly let him in if I was an admissions tutor! I sent him off with a bundle of studentBMJ newsletters for the most current and contentious topics too. Obviously I am no substitute but the things I did recommend were practice practice practice your interview, make sure you have a hobby outside of medicine - and base your university choice on that rather than the course (to an extent). It's not all about studying y'know. 

The best decision you can make is an informed decision so have a break, have a think and have an amazing holiday!

I'll be back in September to let you all know how things are going in final year!- and do post a question if you have any about applications.