Med Procedures

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Platforms: iPhone / iPod Touch

Price: Free version / $12.99 Full Version

              Right then, the purpose of this Application is great, and I’ll admit when I saw it I was (shamefully) a little bit excited. It takes you through common medical procedures, picture by picture so you know exactly what to do. I thought this would be great for those people who like to understand everything about doing something before they do it themselves.
                You have two options, either download the ‘A la carte’ option for free, or for £7.99 download the “full version”. Alarm bells began to ring. In the A la carte option you get 5 out of the 102 procedures for free, and have to pay 59p for each extra one you want, and face constant reminders that for $12.99 (yes in dollars) you can download everything.
                When you go through them though, the procedures on there are explained very well. There is text accompanying the pictures and a brilliant introductory slide explaining why you would do the procedure, why you wouldn’t (contraindications), and what equipment you would need. There are also some very nice touches you don’t appreciate at first. For example when going through suturing, the thread is highlighted with different colours to make it easier to see, which is appreciated believe me!
                The major downside however is the price. There are some really useful procedures there, and if you use the A La Carte version, before you had downloaded all of the ones that would be useful as medical students/junior doctors you would have already passed the £8 mark, by which point you should just have downloaded the full App. However for a student £8 does seem like a lot to spend on one App at one go.
                Despite all this, I feel that although the information in the App is useful, unless you go onto the wards, see the procedures being done first hand, ask question and practice them yourselves you will not learn them. In learning on the wards, you also pick up lots of nice tips that you wouldn’t just from the app, and when it really matters, it’s the little things that make the difference.
Review by Paddy Green
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