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One of the things I have found incredibly hard to learn the past two years has been normal values for blood test results. Now you can almost get away with that nowadays with computers putting HIGH or LOW in big red letters next to any abnormal value, however when talking to doctors or other health professionals I often have no idea what they are talking about and have to ask.
                LabTests has changed all that. It is clear and easy to use, letting you search by category, or individually, and when you have found your substance it gives you a wealth of knowledge. This includes not just the normal values, but also what the substance does in the body, and what could cause/be a consequence of elevated/reduced levels of it. As well as all this, next to the name of the substance is...wait for it....the colour of the vacutainer you use when taking blood. I laughed when I saw this, however have used it on more than one occasion, and beat the nurse who was looking for it on a poster, which speaks volumes for the ease of use! 
                Another good feature of the app is that you can ‘favourite a substance’. This has multiple uses, you can make a list of all those you use most often, so that you have even quicker access to them. However I use it as a place to store those substances I have most difficulty with, as the more I look at them the more likely I am to learn and remember the values. There is also a great section on interpreting blood gas results, with a really good explanation.
                For £1.79 the app is almost the same as a coffee in hospital (yes I did pay that today, what a joke) this App has made my life as a medical student a lot easier, and I am sure that if you find me on the wards as a junior doctor, I will be using it for a while to come!
Review by Paddy Green
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