NHS strikes

 It doesn't take a genius to see that the proposed strikes are rather controversial. Doctors haven't striked in over 40 years. Compared to tube workers, baggage handlers and various other public service, we are rather well behaved. Why then are we striking?

There are some very good points made on this blog which I would encourage you to read: http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/daniel-poulter, he has an interesting perspective as a GP and MP.  Not by the blogger himself but by the well read people who have commented below.

These strikes will not compromise patient care, I see them as a marker of the anger and frustration of the Profession. The increased workload, the scale of the NHS and the lack of personalisation. The sheer complexity of the organisation is enough, the £5 a month that you contribute to the Doctors mess which you do not see any return for. Moreover, perhaps is the 5/6 years of undergraduate study which doesn't halt once you qualify.

Bankers spring to mind, and I am sorry, it could be any other highly paid profession, but I do not see why Doctors should be focused on just because we work for the Government rather than ourselves or a private company. We are, and will be, the people which prescribe citalopram when they burn out and become depressed, we are the people who will prescribe the travel jabs for luxury holidays. We are also the people at the cutting edge of research. And how are we repayed for collectively looking after the health of the nation?

I'd like to say a few things to Mr Cameron and Mr Lansley, but the air might turn blue.

Next time, I'll have a think about getting into medical school- I applied 6 years ago- a relative newbie so if you have any questions for me, fire away!