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Typical Subscription: £45 for 3 months

                                     £60 for 6 months

                                     £80 for 12 months

Review One by Tom Leach
I‘ve used a few of these online revision websites in the past, and feel that they are quite useful, particularly in the run up to exams. They are also quite good ‘fun’ compared to normal revision from a textbook!
OnExamination is no exception.
The basics of the three main competitiors in this market (passtest, passmedicine and onexamination) are all pretty similar.
They all offer exam style questions, in various formats (EMC, MCQ etc) with feedback on the answers. They also all offer statistics showing how you’re getting along and comparisons to other students.
The overall presentation of OnExamination is really very slick and highly professional. It’s really intuitive, and some slightly more obscure options, like being able to offer feedback to the author of a question are easy to find and to use.
There are loads of options to choose from, including exactly which type of questions you would like to answer, the difficulty, and the specialty. One particular option also allows the software to tailor the difficulty to your level automatically, presumably making the questions easier if you keep getting them wrong, and more difficult if you keep getting them right.
OnExamination also allows you to hide the questions you have done before, which is a nice touch as repeating questions can get annoying once you’ve got through a sizeable chunk of the databse, and again is something we haven’t seen elsewhere.
The questions themselves are well written, and the feedback is relevant, accurate and generally succinct. But, unlike passmedicine, there aren’t any external links to further resources.
I was particularly impressed with the use of images, and a useful image viewer where you can zoom in and move around images (e.g. an x-ray) to get a better look. Questions with images are lacking at other sites, although I suppose they would argue that you are unlikely to get questions with images in your written examinations.
Compared to other similar resources (PasTest and PassMedicine), they also have a larger database (>4,000 questions, compared to about 2,500 at the competition), but I’m not really sure how many students would ever make use of this many anyway!
OnExamination also offer different resources depending on your level of training; they have a fresher’s section (which is free), and section or years 2-3 and then this finals section. The downside here is that you have to purchase them all separately.
The BMJ team behind OnExamination have clearly pulled out all the stops in order to differentiate themselves from the competition and to provide a really great online experience.
But it does come at a cost. Quite a hefty cost. This finals resource costs £45 for 3 months (or £60 for 6 month or £80 for 12 months).
Here at almostadoctor we like OnExamination. It does have a slight edge over the competition, but we find it hard to justify the extra cost. If money is no object then OnExamination is the site for you. Otherwise, we’d recommend passmedicine, at £10 for a 4 month subscription.
Review Two by Scott Wilson
I recently used the OnExamination webpage in preparation for a progress test at Manchester medical school. Unfortunately the only other resources to which I can compare are Pastest practice question books.
In comparison to the Pastest books, the One Examination website had a far greater variety of questions with useful and educational images. Not only this but the question topics were mixable on OnExamination whereas Pastest groups five questions on the same topic on each page.
Features I particularly enjoyed about One Examination were the inclusion of images such as chest x-rays which I believe are an excellent learning resource. Furthermore, for the purpose of the Manchester progress test it was useful to be able to select different question topics and different question styles with the most suitable for the progress test being ‘single best answer’ questions.
Overall, I believe the One Examination web resource is an excellent learning tool for medical school multiple choice examinations. However, it is steeply priced at £45 for 3 months!
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