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When I was reading the book ‘Differential Diagnoses’ by John Dickson I kept thinking to myself that the pictures in the book would make great flashcards. Lo and behold I soon discovered that there was an App version. For all intensive purposes this is what the app gives you, electrical flashcards.
                It contains all of the great content of the book, for a fraction of the price, and the simple menu makes finding topics easy. I was worried that the text would be a bit small on the screen, but you can zoom and scroll around the pictures with ease. It has also retained the text-free pictures for self-testing (button in top right hand side of card).
                As with the book though, there are no explanations, which could add a lot for an extra slide or two on each topic. Despite this for the price of a McDonalds it makes a great revision aid for OSCEs and Finals, and I’m glad I have it.


Review by Paddy Green
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