Picturing Medicine - Differential Diagnoses

Picturing Medicine - Differential Diagnoses

Edition: 1
Published in 2010

Sample Images

Authours: John Dickson

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Summary of review

Picture books; not something you would imagine reading whilst revising for important exams would you? But I have to say, it really works! ‘Differential Diagnoses’ takes common presenting symptoms, and summarises all the relevant causes into one easy to digest picture. In some cases it breaks them down even further into common/rare causes, or medical/surgical ones, which makes the knowledge even easier to digest. For each picture there is an unlabelled version for you to test yourself, it’s amazing how much you can remember!


The theory behind the idea is that for quick recall you are more likely to remember an odd or quirky picture than you are reams of text, and I find that method works a treat. However you do need to have done the background reading as to why these diseases cause the symptoms. On a similar note, one downside of the book is that although it is meant to be used as a learning aid, without any explanatory bits at all, you are sometimes left wanting more.
The price too may put some students off. At twenty pounds you do feel yourself comparing it to a crash-course book or the Oxford Handbooks, yet despite this I would argue that it is worth the price tag, as I feel that it is not just the paper and ink you are paying for, but the idea. Having read this book I have approached several other topics in the same way, creating my own images and learning through them.
In summary this is a great little book to use when revising. Its pictures are clear, relevant, and easy to recall, exactly what you need when thinking on your feet both on the wards and in exams. I can see this book being useful far beyond finals, and am interested in seeing how far Mr Dickson can take the idea.



Review by Paddy Green
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