Student BMJ



Platforms : IPhone/IPod/IPad

Price: Free (BMA membership required for content)

Get it : HERE

The Student BMJ App? Does exactly what it says on the tin! It takes all of the content in the Student BMJ (minus the adverts) and puts them onto your tiny little Iphone/Ipod/Ipad. Now I’m a big fan of the BMA student’s arm, and feel that for your £35 or so a year it is important that us as students get the BMJ, as for many of us this may be all we use the BMA for in our student years (although we should use it for a lot more, but you can see my other ramblings on for that.), so I was quite pensive when they announced the release of this App, as I thought it may take away from the ‘ownership’ aspect of the magazine. However within a week of using the App, I was converted.
             Having the app is great for several reasons. Firstly, and most obviously you can read it wherever you want without having to remember to bring the magazine. The menu system also makes it incredibly easy to find the articles that interest you the most. However I like the fact that new editions just add onto your device as and when the items become available. This allows you to not only save your favourites, but also lets your check back for information sharpish, making it good for ward rounds/lectures if covering similar topics. They have also included additional material not in the magazine, such as their often undiscovered Podcasts and their Event’s notice board.
                However there are some minor points that, for me let the app down. Each article you don’t read is marked, and so you find yourself looking at articles you normally wouldn’t just for the sake of cleaning up the menu. Now part of me thinks that it’s a good idea to get us to expand our reading, but unfortunately a larger part of me finds it a chore. They also seem to be having a problem with the blogs, which (not for lack of trying) I still cannot view.
                I really like this App. If I see an article I like, it is easy to read and show my friends. I still like looking at the paper BMJ however as I do like reading some of the smaller quirkier sections that don’t quite make it onto the app. And to all those who think that the £35 is too much for a year, I use this app several times a week. That means that if I was only subscribing for the Student BMJ, it would only make it 9.5p per day, well worth the price!