Useful Links

Here are a few other websites you might find useful...

  • Elite Medical courses – provide medical education courses – including medical finals revision courses  
  • - a big directory of revision notes!
  • The BNF - needs little introduction - very useful drugs information. free to UK students
  • - loads of information written for patients and doctors on diseases and procedures
  • LabTestsOnlineUK - great site that explains the lab tests usede in medicine
  • - Financal advice and support for Medical Students
  • The Naked Truth - Nice little website with book reviews and free chapters to download!
  • Dermnet NZ - Brilliant dermatology website by dermatologists in New Zealand
  • Trip Databse - Indexes thousands of medical resources making it easy to find the info you want
  • TILT - Twitter crossed with perosnal reflection in this simple resources sharing website.
  • The Medical Student - Fab Free Magazine for Medical Students from our Friends in London.
  • The Electives Network - A Great way to plan your perfect elective - Free if MDU member, almost free if not!