almostadoctor needs the help of volunteers to help keep it up to date, and to improve our resources. There are loads of ways that you can get involved. You don’t have to be a genius. And you can dedicate as much or as little time as you like. We can’t offer you any money, or even any magic beans, but we can send your certificates and CV kudos, and give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Submit your own notes
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Or just got something incredible you want to share? It easy! Just submit it here. We’ll take notes, pictures, videos, three-part-trilogies, homemade cookies, boxes of doughnuts and anything else that your average medical student, GP or other kind of medical person likes indulge themselves with.
You don’t have to be Shakespeare. Just keep it simple. Once it’s accepted you’ll get a certificate, and lots of CV points for your next interview.

Improve our articles
almostadoctor is like wikipedia. Spotted a typo? Think you can write something better? Something’s out of date? Then change it! It only takes a second. You’ll need to register first. It only takes a minute. Once you’ve done that you can edit our articles like its Submit your edits and change the world! (a little bit). Once you’ve done that, the article is sent to one of our doctors for review, to check you’re not spreading rumours or spamming us with three tons of Eastern European Viagra. Provided its all ok, it will be approved and go live to the real actual internet.

Become a blogger
Fancy a writing career? Got a good story to tell? Want to be published online on a (kind-of) reputable website, without the rigours of writing a formal article? Then become a blogger! You can even be anonymous if you like. You can just do a one-off or become a regular feature. You can blog about petty much anything that you think our audience might be interested in. Apply here. If we like you, we’ll give you a super special bloggers log in and you-tee free to blog when you like. You’ll get on the homepage!

Become a rep at your University
Planning for this is in the early stages. But we want to run revision sessions. We’ll help you set them up and give you some resources. You can help us by giving almostadoctor a bit of publicity. Apply now!