On examination...

Actually, my OSCEs are over thank goodness. And I've passed. The ultimate nightmare is seeing someone you've dated re-appear in a station as your simulated patient. Fundoscopy exam? Awkward!......(I think that I will save Medics incest for another blog though!)

There's always one year in medical school which is a lot harder than the others. For Birmingham, it is second year. For us, it is fourth year. It is a looooong year and the tasks and choices that we have had to make this year are relentless. In the last 5 weeks I have had OSCEs,  written a 4,000 word essay (and audit), a portfolio review, a written exam and started another 10,000 word project. There is no time for revision and I still want to have my friday nights out.

If you decide to do Medicine, make the most of your non-clinical years, watching Jeremy Kyle at lunch etc because you'll really miss that when you're hours are more like 9-5 and you can't wait for friday night. Medicine can be horrendously competitive but, as a friend once said: slow and steady wins the race. 

Over, out and back to the MCQs.