Privacy & Security

Almostadoctor takes privacy seriously. You don’t need to become a member to be able to advantage of most of our features, but to receive our newsletters, comment on articles, blog and write in the forum, users are first required to sign up.
What happens with my details?
Anonymous Users
We may collect non-personal, non-identifiable information about all users to our sites, in the form of cookies. This data is used mainly to asses our site traffic, and to help us improve our services. It may also be used to target advertising, and to aid the user log-in process.
  • If you are at all worried about this information, you are able to set your web browser to ‘reject cookies’. This will prevent this type of information from being collected, however, it may also alter your general web experience, as no personalised web preferences will be remember for any websites you visit. Rejecting cookies will not prevent you from viewing any of the content on
Registered users
We try to keep the personal details we obtain to a minimum. When you sign up, the only personal details you are required to provide are; your email address, a username, and a password.
Once you have provided this information you may be contacted directly via email by an almostadoctor staff member, but your email and password will never be shared with any third party, or any almostadoctor user who is not a member of our staff without your prior permission.
Occasionally, you may receive an almostadoctor newsletter. Sometimes, these contain a message from our sponsors, however, rest assured, that your details will not be shared with any sponsor during this process.
You are free to opt out of receiving these emails at any time. Just log in to your account, visit ‘My Profile’ click ‘Edit’ and then tick the box ‘Opt out of mass emails’
Once registered, users are able to provide more information on their profile page. Please be aware that any information shared here is visible to all users of almostadoctor, including anonymous users.
Other registered users are also able to send you private messages, and to ‘become your friend’ as on many other social networking sites. However, once again, your email address is always kept private.
You are also able to opt out of the private messaging system. Just log in to your account, visit ‘My Profile’ click ‘Edit’ and then alter your settings under the Private Messages header.
Please be aware that any information shared here is visible to all users of almostadoctor, including anonymous users.
Registered users are also subject to the same anonymous data collection as anonymous users (described above).
External Sites
Throughout are links to external websites. These are often links to other learning resources, and sometimes links to sponsors. Please be aware that is not responsible for the content of these external organisations, and we encourage you to read through the Security and Privacy Policies of any other organisation with which you interact and share personal details. Please note that these external sites may use their own cookies and data monitoring systems.
Removing your data
Logged-in users can visit their profile page (‘My Profile’) to view all the data stored with almostadoctor. Here you can delete much of the data stored. To completely remove your account (including email address, username and password) please contact us. We will remove your account and all personally identifiable data within 30 days of receipt of your email.
Any contributions made to (e.g. in the forum, posting comments, posting on friends profile pages) will be attributed to ‘Guest’, and will no longer be identifiable.
·         Please note that it may not be technologically possible to remove all references to your personal data from all our servers and backups, although we will make every reasonable effort to do so.
To reassure our users how seriously we take privacy, almostadoctor is currently undergoing review by several organisations to asses our trustworthiness. We hope to reveal more details in the first quarter of 2011.
Changes to Privacy Policy
Almostadoctor reserves the right to make amendments and alterations to this policy at any time.
Changes will be accessible at this URL.
For any changes affecting the data of registered users, such users will be contacted by reasonable means (including email and almostadoctor private message) and informed of such alterations.
Minor alterations to the grammar and wording of this document may not necessitate notification of users. However, users will always be notified of material changes to this policy.