This site contains a collection of notes written by medical students and junior doctors. Each article is an amalgamation of knowledge from journal articles, textbooks, lectures, ward rounds, tutorials and impromptu teaching and advice provided by medical professionals.

Unfortunately, currently we are unable to provide individual sources for many of our articles.
However, below is a list of many of the written sources that have been used to compile our articles.


Additional resources:
Also, many thanks to the staff and patients at the University of Manchester and associated Teaching Hospitals, GP practices, and other Community Placements.
The notes on this site are all written by medical students and junior doctors. Notes are reviewed by our editing team (Tom Leach and Patrick Green) before being uploaded.
However, the information contained in the site has not been specifically and authoritatively peer-reviewed, and as such has not passed scientific scrutiny as to its accuracy (although many of the sources we use have been peer reviewed and are generally accepted in medical science).
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