I am currently on my GP placement in my FY2 year. It’s fun. I like GP. I like the patient interaction, independence and doing lots of diagnosing…
And of course, I like the entertainment. Here is a summary transcript of a consultation I had yesterday…


Doctor Good Morning! How can I help you today?
Patient [17 year old boy] I’ve been having some problems with my stomach…
Doctor Ah OK, do you want to tell me a bit more about it?
Patient I’ve been getting some diarrhoea and vomiting. It usually lasts for a one or two days, then gets better again. I get stomach pains and headaches too, and I feel really generally unwell with it.
Doctor How long has it been happening for?
Patient For a few months now. It seems to be getting worse
Doctor When was the last time it happened?
Patient A few days ago. I’m better again now.
Doctor Is there anything that seems to bring it on?
Patient Hmm I don’t think so. It seems random. It does tend to happen on weekends though.
Doctor Do you do anything different at weekends to during the week?
Patient Not really. I sometimes go out or go to a party.
Doctor Do you drink much at these parties?
Patient Not really. Not much
Doctor How much is not much?
Patient Ah, not much. I’m not really a big drinker.
Doctor How much is not much?
Patient Well I used to drink a lot more. Maybe like a bottle of vodka and ten pints of beer.
Doctor Ah ok. You drink a bottle of vodka and ten pints of beer and the next day you feel awful and vomit everywhere?
Patient Yes. Is it serious?
Doctor No. Its hangovers.

 [Image: from flickr – CC license]