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Organism Viral zoonosis RNA rhabdovirus Incubation: 9-90 days   Transmission Spread by bites from infected mammals (saliva) Risk of transmission when bitten by rabid animal is <50% Epidemiology Dogs (+wolves…

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Recurrent Cough

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Recurrent Cough This is a very common complain for children. Common causes include: Asthma – the most common cause of childhood cough. Typically symptoms (such as wheeze and breathlessness may…

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Respiratory Infections

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General Overview Respiratory disorders in children are extremely common. The incidence generally decline with age, such that in middle teenage years, they are rare. Children <5 will have on average…

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Ross River Virus

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Introduction Ross River virus is a virus that causes an infectious disease known as Ross River Fever (aka endemic polyarthritis). It is spread by mosquitos, seen throughout Australia, most commonly in Queensland, as…

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Rubella (German Measles)

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Introduction Most common in winter/spring Generally not very severe in children Can causes severe fetal development problems if contracted by a pregnant woman. Spontaneous abortion occurs in 20% of cases…

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