RCC – Renal Cell Carcinoma

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Introduction This is an adenocarcinoma These arise from the proximal tubular epithelium. The tumours are highly vascular, and microscopically, they will appear as large cells with clear cytoplasm. Haemorrhage within…

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Renal Physiology

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Introduction Renal physiology is complicated. Don't worry too much if you don't feel like you have a full grasp of it - most of us don't! It seems to be…

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Renal Replacement Therapy

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Introduction The different types of renal replacement therapies include¬†haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis,¬†haemofiltration, and renal¬†transplation. Haemodialysis¬†(HD) This can be carried out on an outpatient or an inpatient basis. In the context of…

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Introduction Rhabdomyolysis is the result of breakdown of muscle tissue, with the subsequent release of muscle products into the bloodstream. Aetiology Causes Trauma ‚Äď most common Prolonged immobilisation Drug reactions…

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RIFLE criteria for assessing AKI (Acute Kidney Injury)
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RIFLE criteria for assessing AKI (Acute Kidney Injury)

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Class Serum Creatinine/ GFR Urine Output Risk ¬≠ in Serum Creatinine x 1.5 or GFR ¬Į >25% ¬†<0.5 ml/kg/hr ‚Äď more than 6 hours Injury ¬≠ in Serum Creatinine x…

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