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Free revision notes for medical students on clinical disease and for medical finals, to help you revisealmostadoctor apps for medical student revisionmedical mind maps for quick reference for medical student revisionCompare differential diagnoses for medical student revisionMedicial revision flash cards for medical students - covering common diseases and OSCE for medical finals revisionAn OSCE revision checklist for medical students for medical finals


Three Tips for taking a Medical History
I don’t often write an article with ‘tips’ for a ‘skill’. Almostadoctor tends to be made up of concise lists
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A vial of Morphine
Give me morphine!
A first hand account of an abusive patient and family in the emergency department demanding opiates. Handled by a very
Junior Doctors Emigrate Australia New Zealand
How to Get a Job In Australia or New Zealand
Career advice for junior doctors thinking of emigrating to Australia or New Zealand. From a doctor who did it.
Almostadoctor wins an award for doctor!
Very exciting news! For his work on almostadoctor, our founder, Dr Tom Leach has been named as one of the
12 Apostles Victoria Australia
So, why do you want to move to Australia anyway?
Ah yes. So, why do you want to move to Australia (or New Zealand) anyway? Often accompanied by the ‘Oh
MTAS (Moving to Australia Soon)
Why do so may doctors move to Australia and New Zealand?
Balanitis / bellenditis… you decide.
A problem of a personal nature...