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Diagnosis: Hilarious
Dear Doctor - I get pains in my stomach, terrible headaches, feel nauseas, and just feel generally rotten. And it
How Not to be a Doctor – The Top 5 ‘struck-off’ stories
The latest GMC report on the state of Medical Education and Practice was released today, and it has become apparent
Almostadoctor crashes due to high demand!
Firstly, sorry. Sorry we’ve been offline for a few days. It’s been literally driving me crazy. And we’ve been working
medical phonemail handover
A Quick Phone call
How not to present a patient over the phone.
Better Safe Than Sorry
Have you ever broken anyone's legs whilst doing CPR? I did.
Tree sphincter. Image from flickr - Mark Sadowski
Sphincter tone
What happens when you get a grilling about where your fingers have been from your consultant in the middle of
medical TV dramas aren't very realistic
Medical TV dramas aren’t actually very realistic [shock!]
In a research project that we all wish we could get funding for, medical student Matthew J Czarny has ‘systematically