The latest GMC report on the state of Medical Education and Practice was released today, and it has become apparent that complaints against doctors have risen by 23% since 2010.
Now I’m all for protecting doctors against unreasonable complaints and expectations, but here, we take a look at some of the most outrageous doctor behavior over the last decade…

Dr Balamurali Krishnan Loganathan
Ive searched the GMC register and I can’t find his case. Neverthless it is allover the internet. In 2008 Dr Loganathan apparently had a warning about his behavior around female patients. He was to “refrain from any form of physical contact which his colleagues may find offensive” and as such he was only supposed to see women when chaperoned.
However, on 31st August 2010 this orthopod was examining a lady’s feet in his clinic, alone. He decided it would be much more fun to stare at a photo of her breasts he found in her notes (apparently she’d had a mole catalogued previously, although Dr Loganathan must have thought it was his birthday). He had a good gorpe and then left the photo on his desk as he continued the consultation. As he examined her feet, he got a thrill from placing them on his crotch, and inbetween his legs whilst simultaneously stroking her calves. The GMC said his examination was “sexually motivated”.
The lady was not amused, and on 31st May 2011 Dr Loganathan was struck off. The GMC used their favourite phrase and concluded he “had brought the profession into disrepute”.
Dr Mark Craddock
A case from Australia now. Dr Mark Craddock was visited by a young 18 year old New Zealander who had recently ‘come-out’. The boy was feeling guilty because his Church had told him that homosexuality was a sin.
Dr Craddock prescribed him some Cyrpoterone acetate (no I’ve never heard of it either)– an antiandrogen, and said it would ‘fix’ him. Luckily, the Australian doctor stopped short of prescribing something for another non-illness…. ‘Being a New Zealander’. Although it must have been pretty tempting.
Needless to say, the drug, usually used for prostate cancer was prescribed so off-license that Dr Craddock ended up out of a job. And a career.
Dr Mohannad Al-Fallouji clearly hadn’t been to his ‘Breaking Bad News’ training after his spikey (get it?!) comments, and overtly sexual behaviour landed him in front of the GMC.
The Consultant Surgeon apparently made a succession of verbal and physical blunders in the late 1990’s, including “You’ve got cancer, I’ve got asthma, we all have to die sometime” and “Even princes and kings all have to die. You should be privileged you have time to make your will before your death.”
He also tried it on with a nurse, telling her “Every woman needs a husband and a lover” and sent a flirty Christmas card to a medical student, trying to arrange a date.
I could go on, but I’m sure you don’t want to know any more about groping nurses, insulting theatre staff, or any other stories that indicate his modern, progressive liberal attitudes to women. Oh, and he also wrote an entirely serious paper on love bites.
Now he’s just another name ‘struck-off’ the register. “Erased” in proper doctory speech.
Dr Pierre Dukan
Over to France. Dr Dukan was struck off after he suggested than skinny students should be given higher grades than plumper ones.

Apparently he’s pretty famous and invented the ‘Dukan Diet’ – a high protein weight loss plan, for which he managed to flog 30 million copies of his diet book.

He went as far as to suggest that French students should be able to take courses in ‘ideal weight’ for which thin students would automatically pass.
The French Order of Physicians weren’t too impressed, and pointed out that his comments probably aren’t very helpful for teenagers struggling with obesity and anorexia.
Ultimately Dr Dukan became Mr Dukan. And not because he passed his MRCS.
Dr Thomas Dent
January 2006. Dr Dent went before the GMC for pretending to be a teenage girl. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures, and anyway, it seems he only did it online.
Sorry, really its no laughing matter. He was essentially grooming young girls online, and sent them explicit messages and photos. But I thought doctors were clever people. He was caught doing it on the train and later found out to have been doing it at work. Lucky for him, the criminal case never made it to court, but he did end up losing his job.
But it wasn’t all bad for Dr Dent. In 2010 he landed a high-paid NHS job as the Project Director of Cheshire and Merseyside Vascular Services Review.
And so, that wraps up our quick breeze through some example of how not to be a doctor. Please don’t use it on your FPAS.
One final Piece of advice. When looking for a photo to indicate sleazy doctor behavior, its probably not best to type ‘Doctor Sex’ into Google. Just so you know.

Do you know of any more struck off doctor stories? Tell us about them in the comments below!