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Almostadoctor displays both relevant Google Ads, as well adverts direct from sponsors. We allow links, graphics, animations, videos and written information to be displayed from sponsors.
Most of the adverts are provided by Google Adsense, and we do not have a direct relationship with the advertisers shown. We take specific measures to try to prevent adverts that are irrelevant, offensive, and in particular of a pseudo-scientific origin or promoting unproven medical therapies. We also attempt to prevent ads from multiple other categories, including political, religious, gambling, and certain types of investments.
If you believe that you are seeing ads that go against this policy, please contact us immediately. We take this issue seriously as it can negatively impact the perceived trustworthiness of the material provided on almostadoctor.
We try to ensure that our adverts are as unobtrusive as possible, and relevant to our users. We hope that our adverts are not only beneficial to us, but also to our users, providing them with information about goods and services that may be advantageous to a medical student audience, both within their medical careers and further afield.
Although we do like to know a bit about our advertisers; who they are, and what goods and services they are offering, we do not specifically endorse, and are not responsible for the content of external websites, nor are our sponsors subject to the normal almostadoctor editorial scrutiny.
Our advertisers are responsible for the accuracy of their own information.
Where are our adverts?
Our adverts all appear on the right sidebar, at the bottom of the page, and occasionally as a banner at the top of a page. They are clearly marked as either Advertisements or Sponsors. This allows users to differentiate official almostadoctor content from that of our paying commercial partners.
Information for Advertisers
To advertise with us, please do get in touch.
We offer competitive rates and various packages.
  • We do not accept ‘sponsored’ or ‘promotional’ blog posts
  • We do not provide back-links
  • We do not link to any external articles in return for monetary or non-monetary gain
    • External links are provided to sources and references based purely on scientific legitimacy of the original content at the editors discretion. We do not respond to requests for backlinks or references from third parties
Advertisements promoting and/or related to the following areas are not permitted:
Alternative / non-evidenced based / unconventional medicine
Adult material
Discriminatory material
Material that purports or suggests to be internal to
Material that purports or suggests to be from a reputable source, when is not 鈥 e.g. misspellings of popular domain names, sites with misleading logos etc.
Almostadoctor and / or Dr Tom Leach reserves the right to alter this policy at any time.