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Drug name meme Drug Name Meme Pun Lockdown Fun! A bit of light hearted lockdown fun. Highlight the clues and answers to reveal them! Clue Really big clue Answer Day 0 - Example Clue Really big clue Answer You might prescribe this for AF… read more
Hey – I just met you, and this is crazy, but you’ve got Tetanus, so take this Ig A 65 year old male presents to the Emergency Department with a 3-day history of worsening, painful stiff neck. He reports that he is not able to sleep due to the pain and has… read more
almostadoctor app competition Win a free copy of the almostadoctor app! *COMPETITION HAS ENDED* Thanks to everyone who entered, this competition has now ended. Congratulations to the app competition winners: Buhle Mbeje (via twitter) and Nimai Vadgama and April Mckay via Facebook. I'll be in touch… read more
Almostadoctor on android almostadoctor now available on android! Ta daa! As promised -  almostadoctor is now available on android, for phones and tablets. The app has all of the same features as the iOS version. All the almostadoctor encyclopaedia articles saved to… read more
Coronavirus Should I be worried about Coronavirus? An opinion piece by almostadoctor author, GP Registrar and Emergency doctor - Dr Tom Leach. For information about novel coronavirus (COVID-19) see the almostadoctor coronavirus encyclopaedia article. I am worried I am worried about… read more
almostadoctor iPhone app almostadoctor iPhone and iPad apps out now! I am super excited to announce the new almostadoctor iPhone and iPad apps are now available for download in the app store. The app has all of the almostadoctor encyclopaedia articles saved to you… read more
Barney Burping I can’t burp For years, patients have suffered with an inability to burp. Now, a new syndrome has been described, including a cure! read more
Infant Airway Obstruction Diagnose it yourself – DIY – The Baby That Can’t Breathe Test yourself with the case of a 5 month old with respiratory distress - with MCQs! read more
Lightening Strike Lightening Strikes Twice! Lightening strikes are literally 1 per million events. So I was shocked (ahem) recently when I had two presentations in the same day! Learn what to do about lightening strikes from a doctor caught… read more