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Infant Airway Obstruction
Diagnose it yourself - DIY - The Baby That Can't Breathe
Test yourself with the case of a 5 month old with respiratory distress - with MCQs!
Lightening Strike
Lightening Strikes Twice!
Lightening strikes are literally 1 per million events. So I was shocked (ahem) recently when I had two presentations in the same day! Learn what to do about lightening strikes from a doctor caught in a freak storm.
Diagnose it Yourself - DIY - Bloaty
Have a go at diagnosing this patient with vague gastrointestinal symptoms. Quiz questions and real case based discussion included!
Births, Deaths and Miscarriages
The story of a junior doctor working a busy weekend in a district hospital
Three Tips for taking a Medical History
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A vial of Morphine
Give me morphine!
A first hand account of an abusive patient and family in the emergency department demanding opiates. Handled by a very scared junior grade doctor.
23andme sequence genome doctor perspective
Sequence your Genome for $99 - My Story
Thinking of having your genome tested? Hear the story of a doctor who had his done.
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Balanitis / bellenditis... you decide.
A problem of a personal nature...
Chinese opera ward round. Image by shengjingyoujian - from flickr
What a lovely morning for the Opera
Nice Shoes
My feet hurt. No idea what it could be. But I did wear some high heels the other day.
Live to be 100. Maybe?
We examine ways that might help to extend your lifespan.
Diagnosis: Hilarious
Dear Doctor - I get pains in my stomach, terrible headaches, feel nauseas, and just feel generally rotten. And it seems to happen every Saturday and Sunday morning. What is it?
How Not to be a Doctor - The Top 5 ‘struck-off’ stories
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medical phonemail handover
A Quick Phone call
How not to present a patient over the phone.
Life as an FY1 - Better Safe Than Sorry
Have you ever broken anyone's legs whilst doing CPR? I did.
Tree sphincter. Image from flickr - Mark Sadowski
Sphincter tone
What happens when you get a grilling about where your fingers have been from your consultant in the middle of the ward round - and what you should do about it
medical TV dramas aren't very realistic
Medical TV dramas aren’t actually very realistic [shock!]