Polycythaemia Vera

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Polycythaemia is a raised RBC count, haemoglobin and packed cell volume/haematocrit Absolute increase in red cell mass: polycythemia vera, secondary to hypoxia or abnormal EPO secretion Apparent polycythemia: plasma volume…

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Summary of Anaemias

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  Microcytic Type Aeitology Clinical features Investigations Management Iron Deficiency Anaemia Blood loss: GI bleeding (peptic ulcer, diverticulitis), Menorrhagia, hookworm (developing countries) Poor Diet Malabsorption - Brittle hair + nails…

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von Willebrand’s Disease

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Introduction Von Willebrand's Disease (vWD) is a type of haemophilia (clotting disorder). It is caused by deficiencies in a protein called von Willebrand factor (vWF), which helps to prolong the life…

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Well’s Score
Scoring systemis in medicine

Well’s Score

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Pretest clinical probability scoring for DVT: the Wells score In patients with symptoms in both legs, use the more symptomatic leg. Clinical features Score Active cancer (treatment within last 6…

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