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CURB-65 Score

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CURB-65 The severity of community-acquired pneumonia¬†can be assessed by using the CURB-65 score (1 point for each): Confusion Urea >7mmol/L Respiratory rate ‚Č• 30/min BP < 90 systolic and/or 60mmHg…

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Hepatic Encephelopathy

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West Haven criteria for grading hepatic encephalopathy Grade 1: Trivial lack of awareness. Impaired attention span. Altered sleep, euphoria or depression. Mild asterixis may be present. Grade 2: Lethargy or…

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PERC score

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The PERC score can be used as a screening tool in patients with a low clinical likelihood of pulmonary embolism¬†- to assess if there is a need for further work-up,…

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TNM Staging System

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The TNM staging system is used in the evaluation of many cancers. Each individual cancer has its own slight variation on the system, however, it is universally applicable in its…

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