Firstly, sorry. Sorry we’ve been offline for a few days. It’s been literally driving me crazy. And we’ve been working around the clock to fix it.
Secondly, I’ll explain.
It’s that time of year: exam time. That means lots of you coming to almostadoctor all at once. And along with that, we’ve also got some new friends in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
So many new friends, it turns out, that on Monday night, we brought down the server, and with it, almostadoctor. And not just almostadoctor. According to our hosting provider we brought down hundreds of other websites too!

Now I’m just a humble medic. I’ve managed to cobble together a website, and get by with some innate geekyness to create almostadoctor. But I don’t know anything about servers. Well, I do now. But on Monday night I didn’t. So after frazzling the old server’s bits, we had to find a new home.
Three frantic evenings later, and with a lot of help from our tech expert (techspert?!)  Jason Edwards, almostadoctor has got a new virtual home, on its very own private server. This should mean we can stay online even if the entire population of universe need to simultaneously look up the incidence of herpes.
So, apologies once again. I hope it’s not spoilt your revision plans to much. And it’s good to know we’ve got a nice big new home, and we won’t be going anywhere for a while.Tom