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Better Safe Than Sorry The very funny true story of how I attempted CPR, but broke the patients legs, emptied the patient's orifices of bodily fluids, broke all their ribs, but maybe just saved their life (or so… read more
Births, Deaths and Miscarriages The story of a junior doctor working a busy weekend in a district hospital read more
Lightening Strike Lightening Strikes Twice! Lightening strikes are literally 1 per million events. So I was shocked (ahem) recently when I had two presentations in the same day! Learn what to do about lightening strikes from a doctor caught… read more


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12 Apostles Victoria Australia So, why do you want to move to Australia anyway? Ah yes. So, why do you want to move to Australia (or New Zealand) anyway? Often accompanied by the ‘Oh so you didn’t get into CMT / A+E / [insert name of desired training… read more
MTAS (Moving to Australia Soon) Why do so may doctors move to Australia and New Zealand? read more
Balanitis / bellenditis… you decide. A problem of a personal nature... read more
Chinese opera ward round. Image by shengjingyoujian - from flickr What a lovely morning for the Opera Back during my FY1 medicine attachment, I had the pleasure of looking after Mr C, a Chinese gentleman in his eighties, on the Stroke rehabilitation ward of our DGH. Not only had he had… read more
Nice Shoes My feet hurt. No idea what it could be. But I did wear some high heels the other day. read more
Live to be 100. Maybe? We examine ways that might help to extend your lifespan. read more
Diagnosis: Hilarious Dear Doctor - I get pains in my stomach, terrible headaches, feel nauseas, and just feel generally rotten. And it seems to happen every Saturday and Sunday morning. What is it? read more
How Not to be a Doctor – The Top 5 ‘struck-off’ stories The latest GMC report on the state of Medical Education and Practice was released today, and it has become apparent that complaints against doctors have risen by 23% since 2010.   Now I’m all… read more
Almostadoctor crashes due to high demand! Firstly, sorry. Sorry we’ve been offline for a few days. It’s been literally driving me crazy. And we’ve been working around the clock to fix it. Secondly, I’ll explain. It’s that time of year:… read more