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Introduction Hypopituitarism entails reduced secretion of anterior pituitary hormones. Which hormones go first? Anterior pituitary hormones are affected in the following order: GH¬†>>¬†muscle and bone FSH¬†>>¬†ovary LH¬†>>¬†testes Polactin¬†>>¬†breast TSH¬†>>¬†thyroid ACTH¬†>>¬†kidney…

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Introduction Hypothyroidism (aka myxoedema) is a common disorder which presents most frequently in women and the elderly. It can usually be managed in primary care without the need for specialist…

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Introduction to Diabetes

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Diabetes mellitus (to be differentiated from diabetes insipidus, although mellitus is much more prevalent and thus referred to as commonly "diabetes")¬†is a chronic state of hyperglycaemia caused by a lack…

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Neck and Thyroid Exam

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Introduction Wash hands, check right patient, introduce yourself, get permission Ask the patient to sit up straight in a chair, and expose their neck down to the shoulders. You could…

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Introduction Phaeochromocytoma is a neuroendocrine tumour of the medulla of the adrenal glands. It secretes large quantities of ¬†the catecholamines noradrenaline, and to a lesser extent, adrenaline.   Epidemiology Rule…

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