Lichen sclerosus

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Introduction Lichen sclerosus (LS) is a relatively common chronic, autoimmune skin disorder involving the anogenital region, particularly in women. In men, it was previously referred to balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO),…

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CHlamydia associated discharge seen covering the cervix on speculum examination

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – PID

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Introduction Pelvic inflammatory disease is an inflammatory condition (often secondary to infection), affecting any part of the higher female reproductive system, e.g.; uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries. Salpingitis – this term…

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Reactive Arthritis

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Introduction Reactive arthritis is an acute form of spondyloarthritis associated with STI’s and acute diarrhoea. Usually occurs shortly after the initial infection, although the reactive arthritis itself is an autoimmune reaction.…

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Introduction Can be controversial in some cultures Should only be undertaken in stable relationships where the couple is certain they do not want any more children Epidemiology Rates falling in…

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Introduction Subfertility (also described as “infertility”) is diagnosed if a couple fails to conceive in one year of regular, unprotected sexual intercourse. It is estimated that one in seven couples…

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Introduction Syphilis (aka venereal disease or venereal syphilis) is a contagious (usually sexually transmitted) disease caused by the spirochaete bacterium – treponema pallidum. Transmission is either by sexual contact, or congenital via spread…

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Testicular Cancer

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Introduction These are germ cell tumours. There are two main types (these account for 80% of all tumours) Seminoma (dysgerminoma in women). These arise from the seminiferous tubules. They are…

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Testicular Exam

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Testicles are normally examined if there is: Pain Swelling Abdominal pain (torsion of testes) Examination Usual stuff – wash hands, check right patient, introduce yourself, explain, get a chpaerone Normally,…

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The Menstrual Cycle

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Introduction The menstrual cycle is on average, 28 days long. It can be between 20-45 days. It varies from person to person, and month to month. A few quick facts:…

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