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I was on call. In the office. Typing up some notes on the computer. It was a busy day. I wasn’t quite paying attention.

The SHO from my usual team was on the phone in the office. I wasn’t working on the team today… as I was on call.
Anyway, she asked me if I could speak to someone on the phone. She is a very lovely SHO, and so, of course I did.

Me:                                        “Hello? Dr Who, FY1 on call”
Man on phone:                 “Oh hello there. Consultant Snape here. Do you know a Mrs Granger?
Me:                                        “Ah Mrs Granger… Yes. Ive just clerked her in. She’s in Bay 6, bed 3 on H2 ward. She’s got colicky RUQ pain, not opened her bowels for two days, 4 episodes of vomiting since 1 am (green/bile stained), her bilirubin is 74, CRP275, White Cell Count 10, on examination she is tender in the RUQ and epigastrium, her abdominal and erect chest x-rays are normal, and Ive just ordered her an ultrasound scan. The SHO will be along to review her shortly, but it seems like gallstones, I think we’ll be keeping her in for a few days. What can I help you with?”
(Halfway through my little talk the SHO had been making some funny waving gestures and mouthing somebody’s name over and over, but I was concentrating very hard on trying to remember the information about Mrs Granger, so I didn’t pay her too much attention.)
Man on Phone:                 “Erm……. Ok. Mrs Granger yes?”
Me:                                        “Yes”
Man on Phone:                 “Mrs Granger passed away last night”
Me:                                        ….. ….. ….[pause]….. Erm… … [SHO waves some more, points down the ward, does a bit more waving, mouthes some words]…….[more pausing]
Me:                                        ooooh! THAT Mrs Granger! Yes sorry. I also know that Mrs Granger. The one who passed away last night. Yes. Apologies.
Man on Phone:                 I just need your name for the paperwork, as one of the doctors who looked after her.
Me:                                        Ah yes, I did indeed look after her. And my name is Dr Who. Sorry. Yes. Sorry. Thankyou.
Man on Phone:                 Thanyou. Bye bye now.
SHO:                                      *Giggles*
Me:                                        [Red Face]
The End
So is there another lesson this week? Well I suppose so. Perhaps just clarify what people are actually calling about before trying to interpret the nature of their enquiry. Or, if you would rather entertain your colleagues, you could always just guess.


Posts by the "almostadoctor" user are written by doctors or medical students and have been deliberately anonymised to protect the identities of the medical professionals and patients involved.

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