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  • Excessive tear production – rare, may be seen in dry eye (drying of the eye leads to increased secretion of tears)
  • Lid malposition causing punctal malposition – mild ectropion causes pooling and overflow of tears
  • Punctal stenosis – watering eye and non-visible punctum
  • Blockage of the lacrimal sac/nasolacrimal duct


Depends on cause:

  • lid malposition corrected surgically
  • punctal stenosis treated by surgical dilation or opening under local anaesthesia
  • Blockage of nasolacrimal duct – syringing or dacryocystorhinostomy (hole made from nose to lacrimal sac to bypass obstruction)


  • In children tear drainage system may not be patent (watery eyes and conjunctivitis)
  • Treatment: chloramphenicol eye drops and parental massage of lacrimal sac.
  • Usually spontaneous resolution, if this has not occurred by 12-24 months syringing and probing under local anaesthesia.


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