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Hepatits E is clinically very similar to Hepatitis A.


  • Water borne similar to hep A(shell fish and water melons!). 30% of dogs, rodents and pigs carry the virus
  • Commonly seen in Asia and the Far East

Very similar to that of hep A:

  • Many patients are asymptomatic. They may never know they have had the disease
  • Very rarely it can be lifethreatening
  • May be a prodromal phase
  • Jaundice, malaise, abdominal pain, nausea & fever ‚Äď usually lasting around 2 weeks

Other Factors:

  • Does not have a chronic state
  • 25% mortality in pregnancy. Often baby will also die.¬†This does not happen with hep A.¬†
  • During an acute infection, IgM antibodies (anti-HEV) are present.
  • There is no active or passive immunity to hepatitis E


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